Key Setting


ONI GYM 24 Machiya TOKYO uses bit Lock GATE (Bitkey).

NFC cards or smart phone’s application is used to unlock the key. NFC cards and application can be used for all ONI GYM 24.

How to set smart phone application (Only iOS)

1 Put a mail from “bit key” in safe lists

Put on safe list and make it able to receive the mails. The problem of mail disappearing often happens on people who use mobile phone’s career mail. How to cancel the mail filter is shown on the link blow or ask it contracted mobile phone shop.

The way to unset mail filter.




2 Download the application “Workhub”


※Android is unsupported.

2-1 Receive an invitational mail form “bit key” and set password

ONI GYM 24 Machiya TOKYO is sending a mail to guests who have been confirmed front-end payment and continuous payment settings.

Mail Sample

Set the password from URL put on a mail.

2-2 Login the application

How to use application

Log in on application with inputting mail address (which received the invitational mail 2) and password (which is set by guest on 2).

Tap in order “スペース・備品” and “スペース・備品のカギ” on hooter in top page.

Tap “ONI GYM 24 町屋東京 自動ドア”.

The key status will be shown.

Tap the mark of key and unlock the key. (always it’s shown as “閉まっています” even when it’s opened.)

When you exit ONI GYM 24

The door is opening when you stand the sensor position of automatic door.

Members who use Android, if you don’t receive the mail, if you would like to use cards

Please tell ONI GYM 24 staffs with NFC cards when coming at the first time

Available NFC cards

・ Communications IC cards

・ E money (nanaco, WAON, Rakuten Edy)

・ taspo

If you don’t have any NFC cards

ONI GYM 24 original NFC cards are on shop for ¥1,100 (tax included).

Ask ONI GYM 24 Machiya TOKYO staffs.