Monthly Membership

Monthly: 8,800 yen (tax included)

*Monthly members have 24-hour access to the gym. You will receive an electronic key that allows you to use the gym outside of staffed hours.

*Daily fee will be applied for the month of enrollment.

Click here for details on daily fee and monthly membership enrollment.

Private Locker

Monthly: 1,100 yen (tax included)

Lockers can be used to store your training equipment. Paid lockers are available only at the gym to which you belong.

*Please select the course with pay lockers in the membership fee pay link in the enrollment reminder e-mail.


Visitor: 3,300 yen (tax included) / visit

Visitors can use the only during 11am~8pm. Staff available hours are listed on the calendar on the top page.

Please pay in advance online.

Click here to apply for visitor use.

1 Week Visitor

5,500 yen (tax included)/7 days

1-week visitors can use the gym for 24 hours during the period of their stay. 

The usage period is within 7 days from the date the first use.

Please pay in advance online.

Click here to apply for 1 week visitor

1 Month Visitor

9,900 yen (tax included)/30 days

1 month visitors are available 24 hours during the period. 

The period of use is 30 days from the day the first use.

※Please pay in advance online.

Click here to apply for 1 month visitor use.

Kids Trial Use


Elementary school kids can use this gym for free.

*A parent or guardian must accompany the child as a monthly member or visitor. Children alone are not allowed.

*Children may only use the gym during staffed hours.

How to use the visitor using advance payment

Please apply from the pre-payment online form.

1 day visitors are only available from 11 a.m. ~ 8 p.m., but 1week and 1month visitors are available 24 hours a day, so it is highly recommended.

After purchasing your Visitor Pass from our online store, you will receive a 4-digit number that will be sent to you via an automatic reply. On the day of your visit, you can enter by entering the 4-digit number and “✓” on the black device on the right side of the entrance door.

Click here to apply for a 1 day visitor by pre-payment.

Click here to apply for a 1 week visitor by pre-payment.

Click here to apply for a 1 month visitor by pre-payment.

* Please add onigym.tokyo to the list that can receive emails.

* The link for payment is included in the automatic reply email.

* If you do not receive a reply email, please contact the official LINE.

→ Oni Gym Official LINE


Cancellation of visitor use after payment at the store will not be refunded for any reason. If you cancel the use of the visitor for pre-payment, we will refund the payment to the designated account after deducting the settlement fee and transfer fee.