Gym Rules

ONI GYM 24 asks that your behavior in our gym ensures a pleasing experience for all our many guests.

Masks are now optional.

March 13, 2023 ~ Wearing a mask is now optional. 

Please keep your hands, feet, and body away from the walls.

The walls of ONI GYM 24 are made of a general interior light board, which does not have a very high load-bearing capacity.

If you stretch with your hands, feet, or body weight on the wall, there is a possibility that the wall will be damaged.

If stretching with hands on the wall is part of your routine, please use an available squat rack.


No powdered or solid chalk is allowed.

Please use liquid chalk. GRIP Liquid Chalk are located in each area of the gym.

Please be sure to clean the equipment and platforms after use.

Please wash your hands immediately after training so as not to touch any items in the building with chalk-covered hands.

Please share the use of equipment.

We have a lot of equipment available, but it may be crowded at certain times of the day.

While other gyms may limit the racks to ____ minutes per person, ONI GYM 24 has no such limit.

Instead, if the gym is crowded, you will be asked to share the racks with more than one customer.

Please change machines after each set during busy times.

Individuals or groups are not allowed to occupy all facilities in ONI GYM 24.

Face and bath towels

Face and bath towels are provided free of charge.

Towels are to be used for wiping the body only.

Please do not wipe the equipment, floor, walls, or pillars.

Please do not use them for training.

Do not intentionally damage them.

Please do not take the equipment home with you.

Please put them in the return basket after use.

Please put them in the return basket after use.

How to change the rack height


The height of the racks can be changed by using a jack so that multiple people can share the racks.

By using the jack, you can change the height of the rack without changing the plates or barbells.

The weight using range

The squat and bench press racks, as well as the deadlift platform, are marked with an approximate weight range.

During busy times, please train within these weight ranges.

Warming up will start with lower weights, so please move racks by weight if you wish to work with higher weights.

Please return the weight to this indicated weight at the end of training.

Safety Height

The safety height in the bench press area is fixed so that it cannot be lowered below a certain height. (On the other hand, it is possible to change the height to a higher level.)

This is to prevent accidents from occurring in the 24-hour gym without assistance. Please understand this.

Areas where barbell drop is allowed

You may only drop barbells on this platform. Please refrain from dropping in other areas.

Dumbbell Mitts

Please use dumbbell mitts when using dumbbells or barbells on the second floor.

Baby Powder

Baby powder may only be used with the permission of a staff member.

Please be sure to clean the equipment and platform after use.

Cleaning up after use of equipment



After using equipment, please return barbell shafts, plates, dumbbells, etc. to their designated positions and weights.

Please use the alcohol and the cleaning towels provided to wipe any surfaces that you have come into contact with.

If chalk is used, please use a brush and towel to remove the chalk.

Training Assistance

ONI GYM 24 staff are responsible for the maintenance of the gym and do not provide training assistance or advice.

Training assistance should be provided by other clients or through a separate contract with a trainer.

Photography and video recording

You are free to take photos and videos in the gym area and bar area of ONI GYM 24.

Photography is not allowed in the changing rooms or restrooms.

If you wish to upload images or videos of other people on the Internet, please be sure to ask for permission or modify the images or videos so that they cannot be identified.

No Smoking

The entire premises, including the building interior and bicycle parking area, are strictly non-smoking in accordance with the Health Promotion Act. Smoking, including heated tobacco products, is strictly prohibited.

Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of membership.

Additionally, bringing in cigarette butts will also result in immediate termination of membership.

No outdoor shoes are allowed in the gym area.


Change from outdoor shoes to gym shoes at building entrance.

There is a wheelchair lift in the entrance area.

Please take off your shoes when entering the building. Slippers are available.