ONI GYM Facility Guide


ONI GYM24 is free weight specialty gym for powerlifting and weightlifting training where doesn’t let you wait for power rack.

2mins from JR Kintetsu Line Shuntokumichi st. 24/365

This gym is produced by ONI holdings BUKIYA.net.

The content of this page uses images and expressions of some stores in Osaka.


No Waiting Time for Power Rack

One of complaint from trainees in 24/7 gym is caused by “Waiting for Power Rack”. Don’t you pay membership fee for the waiting time?

There are many racks separated by the using weight in ONI GYM24. Almost all of the racks are approved to use in Powerlifting competition, and have jacks for changing the rack height.https://www.youtube.com/embed/ld5JL3taM6E

You can change the rack height even when the barbell is loaded with using jacks.

This lets you share one rack with others in the core time.

6 squat racks 2nd floor



3 ONI Half Rack

1 ONI Power Rack

2 ONI Combo Racks with Plate Tree

Barbells & Plates

ONI Powerlifting Barbell Olympic Shaft Hard Chrome Ceramic Coating All Stainless

ONI powerlifting plates

ROGUE Stainless Ohio Power Barbell

ROGUE Safety Squat Barbell

GRIP Liquid Chalk

6 bench press racks 2nd floor


4 ONI Combo Racks with Plate Tree

1 ELEIKO Powerlifting Squat Rack / Bench press Rack (Automatic) (Old Model)

1 BULL Bench & Squat Racks Black Edition

2 ELEIKO Powerlifting Squat Rack / Bench press Rack (Automatic) (New Model)

  * Scheduled to be introduced after January 2022


Barbells & Plates

ONI Powerlifting Barbell Olympic Shaft   Hard Chrome Ceramic Coating All Stainless

BULL Coated Olympic shaft

ROGUE Ohio Power Barbell Stainless

ONI Powerlifting Plate

GRIP Liquid Chalk

Paralympic bench press stand 1st floor

Taro Yamamoto original

Deadlift weightlifting platform 1st floor


3 ONI Middle Platforms

1 ONI Custom Platform

Barbells & Plates

ONI Powerlifting Barbell Olympic shaft   Hard Chrome All Stainless

ROGUE Ohio Power Barbell All Stainless

UESAKA U shape Weightlifting Men’s Competition Barbell 20kg Blue Olympic Model

UESAKA U shape Weightlifting Women’s Competition Barbell 15kg Yellow Olympic Model

ONI Powerlifting Plates

ONI Bumper Plates

ONI Change Plates

ONI Barbell Jack

GRIP Liquid Chalk

There’s a lot of highly accurate free weight equipment for competition in ONI GYM 24 Machiya Tokyo.

Dumbbells Area 2nd floor

Hex-Rubbered-Dumbells 1-10kg each 2pairs

Hex-Rubbered-Dumbells 12.5kg-50kg each 2pairs

Hex-Rubbered-Dumbells 52.5kg-100kg each 1pair

Cattlebells 6kg-32kg each 1pair

3 ONI Adjustable Benches Light Type

ONI Flat Bench Fat Pad

ONI Arched Swiss Barbell

ONI Swiss Barbell

ONI Barbell Mitt and Dumbbell Mitt

You can do, not only Powerlifting trainings, also muscle training, accessory works for competition sports, and body make exercises.

Stretch Area 1st floor

Stretch Pole

Balance Boll

Vibration Form Roller

Massage Gun


Various Machines

Weight Stuck Machines 1st floor

Lat & Low Pulley Machine

Pearl Delt & Pectoral Fly

Dual Adjustable Pulley

Cable Attachment Option

Weight Stuck Machines 2nd floor

Leg Extension

Leg Curl

Abductor & Adductor

Plate Load Machines 1st floor



Wide chest

Shoulder press

Incline Press

Abdominal Oblique Crunch

Plate Load Machines 2nd floor

Leg Press

Belt squat

Hip thrust

Smith Machine

Cardio Machines

Air Bikes (Assault Bike)


ONI Dips Bar Attachment

Free Services

ONI GYM 24 Machiya Tokyo is one of the literal free weight specialized gym, but other inside facility is also sufficient as other 24/7 gyms.

Free Wi-Fi

Optical line and TP-Link DecoX90 Mesh Wi-Fi allows simple SSID as speedy as 250Mbps-500Mbps at the inside of whole building.

There’s no switch points often happens in huge place and fast Wi-Fi is always available.

There’s no stressing time while watching or uploading videos in YouTube and Instagram in this building.

Showers in Men/Women Locker rooms

There’re men and women locker rooms.

There’s shower room in each locker rooms. Free rental face towels and bath towels are available.

Men/Women Lavatory

Both lavatories have toilet seat with bidet functions.

Free Lockers and Own Lockers

Free Locker (White)


Paid locker (black)

There’re free lockers for valuables and paid lockers for training gears.

Water server

There’re free water servers and you can make own supplement shakes here.

24/7 Open Enter and exit with a key app.

The main door will open with controlling application after downloading.

You can enter and exit freely for 24 hours, so there’s no obstruction for your own training schedules by the gym’s open time.

Permission of Taking Pictures & Vids

You can take pictures and videos while training freely.

Although, too large-scale shooting should be allowed by stuffs for not intervenes other guests’ trainings.

Also, make other guests on the videos and pictures blurred before uploading.

Free rental tripod (Smart phone)

5 Endurax

Copyright-Free Music

ONI GYM 24 always plays NCS (NoCopyrightSounds) for back ground music. Videos taken in ONI GYM 24 Machiya Tokyo won’t spoil profit even if uploaded without editing.

No Cash Payment: Only Cashless Payment

You can try bukiya.net products which are famous for “鬼” brand equipment and can purchase here.

Credit card/electric money is necessary to buy products here because all the payment method is cashless.


*Cash payment is not available to prevent crimes.

Tattoo OK

ONI GYM 24 doesn’t restrict showing tattoos.

Tattoos are often forbidden in Japanese public place, although it’s considered as one of the fashions.

A lot of ONI brand customers are not Japanese, so showing tattoos is perfectly permitted.

*Anti-social members are not allowed to join ONI GYM 24.

GYM Rules

Gym rules are shown here.