ONI GYM 24 Machiya TOKYO recruits trainers and personal trainers who support guests’ trainings.

Trainer preference

Trainers can use this gym with preferential fee, and trainers’ guests can use this gym with preferential fee as well only if they are new comers.

Please ask other precise conditions from application forms.

Application conditions

1. Having trainers’ certifications or athletic training certifications.

2. Having history of work as a trainer

3. If you don’t have any certifications of 1, your records of sport should be in top class in Japan.

Please input forms below. ONI GYM is sending work conditions and interview date after reviewing the information.

Please check before sending application.

Please inquiry after put in a safe list. The reply mail often doesn’t reach sender because mails disappear by mail filters. This problem often happens on people who use mobile phone’s career mail. How to cancel the mail filter is shown on the link below, or please ask own contracted phone company.

How to cancel mail filter

Docomo   au   Softbank

Please don’t send application just to check if it succeeded to send or not, because the reply mail will be sent in some minutes after press the send button.

Application Form

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