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Regular visitor access will commence from January 1, 2024.

System Fee: ¥1,100 (One-time fee for the initial use)

If you have a preferred start date, please apply after purchasing the ticket through the following form.

Visitor Application Form

In case of exceeding the allotted usage time, an additional day’s visitor fee will be charged. The acceptance of further visitor use will be suspended until payment is made.

Payment for the usage fee will be settled through online prepayment.

1-Day Visitor

Fee: ¥2,750 (tax included) / 1 day

Available Time: 00:00 to 23:59, 1 day

If you exceed 23:59, it will be considered overtime.

1-Week Visitor

Fee: ¥4,400 (tax included) / 7 days

Available Time: 24 hours, 7 days

Validity period is within 7 days, including the start date.

If you exceed 23:59 on the last day, it will be considered overtime.

1-Month Visitor

Fee: ¥7,700 (tax included) / 30 days

Available Time: 24 hours, 30 days

Validity period is within 30 days, including the start date.

If you exceed 23:59 on the last day, it will be considered overtime.


ONI Half Rack PRO with Weight Stack – 2 units

ONI Half Rack PRO – 1 unit

ONI Half Rack Silver Gray – 1 unit

ONI Power Rack PRO – 1 unit

ONI Power Rack PRO with Smith Machine – 1 unit

ONI Combo Rack – 6 units

ONI Silent Slim Platform – 4 sides

Hex Rubber Dumbbells 1kg-50kg (some missing)

Belt Squat Machine

ONI Adjustable Bench PRO – 3 units

ONI Flat Bench Type I – 1 unit

Some items may be missing, but we will continue to expand our offerings.

Gym Rules

At ONI GYM 24, we request that customers adhere to gym etiquette to ensure smooth training for everyone.

LITE Omori store has a stricter policy compared to Higashiosaka store or Machiya store; individuals violating etiquette may be asked to leave immediately.

Some rules may overlap with the membership agreement.

No Dropping

Dropping barbells is prohibited at LITE Omori store.

Controlled deadlifts on the platform are allowed.

Those who violate this rule may be asked to leave immediately.

Prohibition of Specialized Training

Weightlifting, CrossFit, martial arts, arm wrestling practices, etc., are not allowed. Please perform such activities in other facilities.

Only weight training and powerlifting practices are allowed.

Those who violate this rule may be asked to leave immediately.

No Smoking

The entire premises, including the building and bicycle parking area, are completely non-smoking in accordance with the Health Promotion Act. This includes cigarettes as well as heated tobacco products.

Those who violate this rule may be asked to leave immediately.

Additionally, bringing cigarette butts into the gym is not allowed from a fire prevention perspective.

No Linger

Please do not loiter in the common areas of the building.

If complaints are received, you may be asked to leave.

Prohibition of Using Building Common Facilities

Using the shared facilities of the building other than the toilets and elevators on the 4th floor where LITE Omori store is located is prohibited.

If complaints are received, you may be asked to leave.

No Outdoor Shoes

The gym area cannot be used with outdoor shoes. Please bring indoor shoes.

For visitors, slippers are provided for changing, so please use them.

Those who receive multiple warnings may be asked to leave.

Only Designated Chalk Allowed

Only GRIP CL liquid chalk from ONI LTE. can be used at LITE Omori store.

Chalk in powder, solid, or liquid form from other manufacturers is prohibited.

Please purchase and use GRIP CL chalk.

After using chalk, please wash your hands promptly.

Those who receive multiple warnings may be asked to leave.

Dumbbell Mitts

When using dumbbells, please use dumbbell mitts in the designated area only.

Those who receive multiple warnings may be asked to leave.

No Baby Powder

Baby powder cannot be used at LITE Omori store.

Please do not touch the walls with hands, feet, or bodies.

ONI GYM 24 walls are made of general lightweight boards for interior use, and they do not have a high load capacity.

Performing stretches with hands, feet, or body weight against the walls may cause damage.

If wall-supported stretches, such as placing hands on the wall, are part of your routine, please use an available squat rack.

Please share equipment

While we provide numerous pieces of equipment, there may be times when the gym is crowded. Unlike other gyms where rack usage is limited per person for a certain duration, ONI GYM 24 does not have such restrictions. However, in case of overcrowding, we kindly ask customers to share racks with others. Using the gym facilities excessively or monopolizing them individually or as a group is prohibited at ONI GYM 24.

Communication Between Members

The staff at ONI GYM 24 primarily focus on maintaining the gym, and they do not assist with training as a rule. Members are encouraged to actively assist each other in training, provide support, and help those in need without staff assistance.

Some individuals may not desire interaction, and many now have coaches contracted online. Therefore, please refrain from providing unsolicited guidance.

Moreover, conversations that may consume another person’s valuable time in the gym should be conducted with consideration.

Communication between members is not regulated, but please engage in such interactions with awareness of these considerations. If complaints arise due to unwarranted conversations or if someone feels harassed, you may be asked to leave.

Rack Height Adjustment

Rack height can be adjusted using a jack to allow multiple people to share it.

By using a jack, you can adjust the height while leaving plates and barbells attached.


Safety Height

The safety bars in the bench press area are fixed to a certain height and cannot be lowered below that point (although they can be raised).

This is a safety measure to prevent accidents in a 24-hour gym without assistance. Please be aware of this.

Cleaning Up and Sanitizing After Equipment Use

After using equipment, please return barbell shafts, plates, dumbbells, and other items to their designated locations and weights.

Use wet wipes to clean areas where the body comes into contact, including seats.

If chalk is used, use a brush and towel to remove it.

Photography and Videography

You are free to take photos and videos in the gym area at ONI GYM 24.

Photography and videography are prohibited in changing rooms, toilets, and building common areas.

If you plan to upload images or videos where other individuals are present, please obtain their permission or edit the content to ensure their anonymity.



Address: 6-17-10 Minamioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Rainbow Building 4th Floor

Access from JR Keihin-Tohoku Line Omori Station

Exit the north exit of Omori Station and head right (toward Mizugami Park).

Head toward the elevator on the left.

Proceed toward Apa Hotel through the alley between Lawson and Seven-Eleven.

The 4th floor of the brown building. The entrance is next to 銀座メガネコンタクト.

There is no sign for the gym.


Inquiries are accepted at the Machiya store.

Before filling out the contact form, please add “” to your specified receiving list. Instructions on how to add it to the specified receiving list for users of each mobile carrier can be found at the following links.

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