Coming Personal Training Bench press World Champion Yusuke Suzuki

Yusuke Suzuki, the bench press world champ, is coming to ONI GYM 24 Machiya Tokyo for personal training.

Not only Bench press trainings, any request can be good. (E.g. “I want to get bulky arms”)

Also, group trainings can be alright.

Please not lose this opportunity.

Personal training guide

Date and time

2022, January 16th, Sunday



ONI GYM 24 machiya Tokyo


ONI GYM 24 members

¥13,000(Tax Included) / 1h

※System fee ¥220 isn’t included.

Not ONI GYM 24 members

¥15,000(Tax Included) / 1h

※This cost includes visitor fee as well, so training in ONI GYM 24 before and after the session till the staff hour ends.

※System fee ¥220 isn’t included.

Trainer Introduction

Yusuke Suzuki

BODY ART DESIGN (Matsumoto city, Nagano prefecture)

Born in 1984, Ibaraki prefecture.

Won world competition of 83 kg class 2 times in straight.

Bench press form is narrow grip and the long movement power style.


2013-2019 Asia・Asia pacific invitational competition: Gold Medal

2010-2014, 2018-2021 Japan Classic Bench Press Competition: Gold Medal

2016・2017 World Classic Bench Press Competition: Silver Medal

2018・2019 World Classic Bench Press Competition: Gold Medal

Training Options

Bench Press + Arm training

Bench Press + Shoulder training

Bench Press + Back training

Bench Press + Squat

Bench Press


Example 1. Get Huge Arms!

Bench Press (Form Check)→Right movement on wrists, elbows, and shoulders→Cable Trainings→Barbell Trainings→Dumbbell Trainings→Body Weight Trainings

Example 2. Get Round Shoulders!

Bench Press (Form Check)→Right movement on core, scapula, and upper arms→Dumbbell Trainings→Barbell Trainings→Cable Trainings→Tube Trainings

※Examples above 2 training routines. Please ask Mr. Suzuki about various trainings.

Cancel Policy

In case of cancellation by January 11th (Tuesday), a full refund will be given.

If you cancel between January 12th (Wednesday) and 14th (Friday), 50% of the application amount will be refunded.

If the cancel order is in 1 Day before or the day, the cost won’t be refund in any cases.

About Infectious disease control measures

These personal trainings are held based upon Japan Sport Association’s “The guidelines to prevent infections and to aim restarting sport events“.

Exception clause

ONI GYM 24 members and not members can order this personal training simultaneously.

Please note that if two orders booked at the same time, monthly members’ order takes priority.


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