The method for unlocking the gym’s door

For Members who Joined by November 30, 2023:

This is a page dedicated to members who joined by November 30, 2023.

From December 1, 2024, there have been changes in the entry/exit methods and payment procedures. The previous system is no longer valid.

Both are essential items, so please take the time to set them up by the deadline.

How to unlock gym’s door

Please access the following URL:

Please click on ‘ログイン’ set your password by selecting ‘パスワードを忘れた方はこちら’ and then log in.

The email address is set to the one registered with PayPal or Membership Pay.

Note: In case the email address is unknown, please contact the staff. If you click ‘入会(subscription)’ and register a new email address, it will be identified as a different individual, and an enrollment fee will be incurred.

After logging in, a QR code will be displayed. Use this QR code for entry and exit.

Note: If existing members do not see a QR code, please contact the staff.

Gym Entry Method:

Scan the QR code reader on the entrance door, and the door will unlock.

Note: As it is a magnetic key, there will be no sound like the traditional key unlocking.

Note: For those unable to scan the QR code, please maximize the brightness of your smartphone screen.

Gym Exit Method:

Scan the QR code reader next to the entrance door, and the door will unlock.

Note: QR code reading is also necessary for unlocking during exit.

Note: As it is a magnetic key, there will be no sound like the traditional key unlocking.

QR code validity

The QR code has a validity period of 1 minute. If one minute has passed, please press the ‘Renew’ button to generate the QR code again.

Due to this specification, it is not possible to use printed or saved QR codes.

Email Address Authentication:

After logging in, tap “Send authentication email” and perform email address authentication.

Credit Card, Account Information Registration:

The monthly fee deduction method is either credit card or bank transfer.

The deduction for December 2023 has already been made; therefore, set the continued deduction method for January 2024 onwards by December 8, 2023, 8:00 PM.

Go to Footer > MyPage > Customer Information Settings > Tap either Credit Card Information or Account Information and set it up.

Contract Confirmation:

Go to Footer > MyPage > Contract Management to confirm your current plan.

Those who were monthly members until November 30, 2023, are set as Full-time members (Regular members).

Those who were part-time members until November 30, 2023, are set according to their respective plans.

If there are errors in membership types or if you wish to change to Royal, Platinum, Gold members, or change the locker period, contact the staff (Changes cannot be made by members). To apply from January 2024, the procedure must be completed by December 8, 2023, 8:00 PM.

For each membership type, refer here (provide the appropriate link).

About the App and IC Card:

Hacomono generates QR codes by accessing the URL above via a web browser, so the app and IC card are not used.

Please delete the Workhub app. The IC card is not used for entry/exit at ONI GYM 24.

Reservation (RSV):

Footer > Bottom left, the reservation/RSV is available for personal reservations, but the page is currently under construction.


For any questions, please contact the staff at each store.

If there are attachments, please inquire through this form.

As staff may be unavailable, using the form, email, or LINE is more reliable than a phone call.